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Past Performances

Download a full list of our annual productions from 1998 onwards.

The Trial of Peter Pan. 2015

Our 2015 production saw the cast transported to Neverland to help the fairies regain their treasure. SBSTCS were chosen for a second time to be part of the RSC Open Stages Project and in June 2015 they performed scenes from ILLYRIA-ON-SEA at the RSC Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, while still rehearsing for their main production, THE TRIAL OF PETER PAN, to be performed at Stourbridge Town Hall less than ten days later.

Illyria-On-Sea. Edinburgh Fringe 2014

"Performed by the award-winning Side by Side Theatre Company for actors with learning disabilities, Illyria on Sea takes Twelfth Night to a 1950s seaside resort in this refreshing and enchanting interpretation of Shakespeare’s carnivalesque comedy.

The joy in this Twelfth Night is in the little touches – the supporting cast in Pierrot garb, the imaginative puppet ship-wreck, Malvolio’s yellow stockings. This adaptation is spectacularly original, yet remains true to its source throughout". Amber Segal
Read the whole review at the Broadway Baby website

Tempest in a Teacup. Edinburgh Fringe 2009

THE SCOTSMAN: "This is one of the most beautifully conveyed and imaginatively realised versions of Shakespeare's fantastical play The Tempest that I have seen in a long while.

Director and choreographer Susan Wallin is clearly an exceptionally gifted theatre
visionary and uses the actors' ideas and choreography to create a uniquely inspiring
celebration of their humour, passion and talent." Sally Stott
Read the whole review at The Scotsman website

THE PUBLIC REVIEWS: "During the Edinburgh Festival you are always looking for the
hidden gems, the shows you don’t plan to see that turn out to be truly wonderful -
this is one of those shows. The production is superb regardless of that fact that the
cast are disabled, but the fact that they are and have overcome their challenges to
perform it makesexperiencing it even more special - a truly outstanding
production." Deborah Klayman
Read the whole review at The Public Reviews website

The Bird. Brighton Fringe 2008

From the Fringe Review website: The Bird (rating: 4 stars out of 5)

In the course of the Brighton Fringe you see theatre in so many different
forms from sketch-comedy to experimental dance. Side by Side Theatre Company
do something quite unique.
In The Bird they use theatre to produce a sense of community, inclusivity
and fun, elements which are sadly found to be in short supply
in other productions in festival.

Read the whole review at the Fringe Review website



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