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Worlds Beyond

Worlds Beyond, the latest production by Side by Side Theatre Company StourbridgeIn 2017 Side by Side celebrates it’s 20th year. It has grown in size and ambition over the years, winning many awards and taking productions to Sweden, Prague and to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 7 times, as well as performing with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

We continue to reach for the stars and we continue to achieve the aim we set out at the start of our journey, ‘to widen the experience of everyone involved, creating cultural links and a deeper understanding, through a shared enjoyment of the performing arts’.

 To celebrate our 20th year we are going on a journey into space. The Star Ship ASPIRE will take us on an adventure through the stars, to discover life on other worlds. Come and join us, you will be our passengers on the Star Ship and experience the excitement and wonder, along with us, of looking over the horizon, as we explore the possibilities yet to be found in WORLDS BEYOND.

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